Drive Plate Basics

Drive plates, or sumps lids, come in many different sizes and shapes, including square, rectangular, oval, or round. Drive plates offer a layer of protection between the underground storage tank system components and vehicle traffic. These lids need to be properly maintained and should be inspected every time you access a spill bucket or sump.

A missing or damaged drive plate may be a huge safety hazard. Until the lid is replaced, the area should be covered and barricaded to avoid potential accidents. Operators should also check to ensure the lid is not touching any of the UST components, like a fill pipe. If the drive plate is resting on a system component, it’s only a matter of time before the weight from vehicle traffic causes irreparable damage.

In addition to protecting the tank components from traffic, lids also serve as a buffer for liquid and debris. Check to ensure the lids are in good condition and are sealing properly. Some lids have a rubber gasket inside the cover that can dry out or crack over time. Water in your sumps may be an indication of a bad seal. If you suspsect your drive plates aren't functioning properly, contact your petroleum service company for an evaluation.

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