Pre-Purchase Inspections

When buying a used car, it’s generally recommended that the prospective buyer ask a trusted auto mechanic to inspect the vehicle prior to purchasing. C-stores shouldn’t be any different!

If you’re looking to purchase an existing UST or AST site, it is beneficial to verify the integrity of the system. At R&A, we strive to provide a 100 percent independent evaluation that ensures the owner, or potential owner, has a thorough understanding of their petroleum storage tank system. We have conducted over 50,000 on-site inspections of petroleum storage tank facilities since 1999.

Pre-purchase inspections can only be scheduled with the consent of both the buyer and seller. R&A does not perform environmental testing or remediation. The R&A pre-purchase inspection is a visual examination of all accessible system components.  Your completed inspection report will identify regulatory compliance deficiencies as well as recommended maintenance items. 

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