Tank Tags

Written by: Patrick Rounds, President and CEO

In Iowa, all regulated tanks 1,100 gallons or less should be issued a “silver” permanent tag at the time of registration. These tanks do not require annual renewal with the DNR so new tags are not issued every year. The original silver tag that was issued by the DNR must be mounted at the tank fill connection. With all used oil tanks, the tank tag(s) should be mounted at the tank riser pipe used for oil extraction.

If your underground storage tank is greater than 1,100 gallons, it should always have two (2) DNR tags attached to the tank fill pipe: the permanent tank tag (purple) and the current year renewal tag.

Tags should be mounted as close to the tank fill connection as possible, yet not impairing equipment or fuel delivery into the tank. It is common to see the tags wired to a lip or ring within the spill containment. Plastic zip ties can be used to fasten the tags; however, zip ties tend to break prematurely.  Do not let your tags fall to the bottom of the containment, as the tags may get covered up with liquid and debris or become unidentifiable.  Tags must be visible every time the tank receives a fuel delivery (and when inspected by a regulator). The person delivering fuel should not deliver the fuel if the appropriate tag(s) are not observed. The fuel delivery personnel could be fined up to $5,000 per drop if they do not verify the tags are present prior to delivery.

All regulated USTs require at least one DNR tag, even tanks that are temporarily closed. If any DNR tags are lost or damaged beyond recognition; you should contact the DNR immediately. You will need new tags before you can receive fuel. For replacement tags, contact DNR at 515-725-8364.

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