UST Temporary Closure

There is a multitude of reasons why an owner/operator may choose to temporarily close a single tank or their entire UST facility. Maybe they’re retiring and don’t want to operate while trying to sell the site. Maybe one of their products isn’t performing as well, so they temp. close the tank while they evaluate the business. Maybe one of the tanks just needs a repair! Whatever the reason, the US EPA has set several requirements for temporarily closing an UST.

  • UST may be closed for up to 12 months.
  • Corrosion protection must stay on and continue to be monitored.
  • Financial responsibility must be maintained.
  • Site must have trained operators.
  • If closed for more than 3 months, cap and secure all lines, pumps, manways, and ancillary equipment, but leave vent lines open.

There can be some benefits to temporarily closing a tank if it's empty, which the EPA defines as having no more than one inch of product. Empty, temporarily closed tanks are not required to perform spill testing or overfill inspections. In addition, they do not require release detection testing or inspections, monthly walkthrough inspections, or three-year containment sump testing.

Regulations for temporarily closed tanks can vary from state to state. Contact your regulator for specifics before proceeding. In some cases, you may be permitted to extend the temporary closure beyond 12 months with the appropriate approval.

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